Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast on how to stop and even reverse Kidney Failure

Dr J Joseph Prendergast on to stop and even reverse Kidney Failure

Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast on Kidney Failure and how to stop and even reverse Kidney Failure

In this interview Dr. Joe explains how they discovered in 1990 – 1996 that their patients prevented their kidney failure from diabetes from progressing and can even be reversed.

The kidney is a ball of little microscopic blood vessels and it processes 25% of your blood flow every minute. If you have diabetes these blood vessels get very small and develop scars. Kidney specialists have always believed you cannot change a scar, that when something is bad, it can never be good again.

Dr. Joe talk about how a patient of his had arteries replaced after a car accident, they replaced the arteries with veins. These veins were replaced the long way around which meant that his legs were starting to die. This led to the kidneys being affected. The effect of this was the patient ended up on dialysis.

Dr. Joe explains how ProArgi-9+ and Vitamin D helped to get this patient off dialysis. However with ProArgi-9 and Vitamin D it may be possible to reverse Kidney disease.

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