Health DNA Test

At Vivaris Health are dedicated to improving people’s health and as part of that we provide a range of testing and health screening including our Health DNA test.

What is a Health DNA Test?

A Health DNA test helps you understand how your genetic makeup can affect the choices of food you eat or the supplements you need. Basically it tells you what your nutritional strengths and weaknesses are. It allows people to really take a scientific approach to their health.

How does the Test Work

The process is very simple. You order the DNA Purify Kit. Once they have been delivered you do a simple swab test in your mouth of your saliva, your cheeks and gums. This gets sent to our laboratory in Austria. The laboratory then runs a spectrum of tests on 76 genes. You will then receive a printed manual which is your health roadmap based on the results of your Health DNA Test.

What will my Health DNA Test Results tell me

Your results will tell you:

  • What your genetic strengths and weaknesses are
  • What conditions your are at risk of developing (heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, eye conditions, etc..)
  • What nutrients that you need more of in your diet to protect yourself from these diseases.
  • Provides you with the nutritional advice that will allow you to mitigate any genetic risk factors.
  • A comprehensive list of 1000 foods rated specifically for your genetic makeup.
  • Your natural VO2 Max
  • Provides you with a roadmap to optimise your health which is as individual as your genes

How much does the Test Cost

Our DNA Test comes with the DNA Purify Kit.

This kit provides you with:

The DNA Purify Kit allows you to get the most comprehensive DNA Test and while you are waiting for your test results you treat your body to a full gut reset.


Once your results come back you will then have a personalised nutritional plan for your body’s genetic code. The cost of the DNA Purify Kit is €602.07 and it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

You can order online here or contact us if you need any further information.